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16 year old girl from the netherlands. I love metal and grunge music, dark makeup, tattoos, piercings and bandshirts. and im a huge nirvana, pearl jam and metallica fan. if you ever need help or advice on things like depression, selfharm or anything at all message me and i'll always reply and try to help you or just listen. xx

  • As the title says; very lonely, very drunk, very high and above all: very un-loved. If you read this :please talk to me. I'm not an attention whore, just very desperate, very depressed and above all looking for a friend that doesnt leave me. Anyone? All I want is a friend... but they all leave... If you feel the need to talk too (similar situaton/feelings or not), or you know how I feel or whatever your reason is... kik me!!: @anne_louise_ I need someone!!!! I cant take this any longer. And even if you won't message me but just read this I want to say THANK YOU. You're a good person in my eyes now. Oh and two last things: fuck this society and thank god for nirvana and my/our angel Kurt Cobain. I can feel him watching over us.... Right now music is the only one that gives me a little bit of hope, but I wonder if it gives enough. And you reading this: STAY STRONG, maybe just because I couldnt. I love you allready if you just read this untill the last sentence. XOXO

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all adults do is ask me about my plans for college like don’t you want to know what my favorite color is

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i just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again

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